About eTAP

eTAP Ltd has been providing a web-based teacher assessment and planning tool to New Zealand schools since 1998 and a full-featured student management system since 2005.

eTAP is easily the fastest growing student management system in New Zealand and is now the market leader.

Over 850 New Zealand schools (40% of NZ Primary and Intermediate schools) trust eTAP to manage their student data.

eTAP – What is It?

  • A full-featured student management system for primary and intermediate schools.
  • Web-hosted - eTAP is available anywhere/anytime provided you have an internet connection.
  • Ministry of Education accredited, roll return approved, eAR (paperless attendance) approved, ENROL integration, SMS-LMS integration, EN (truancy early notification) approved, National Standards assessment and reporting. SRT (Student Record Transfer) enabled.

@school – What is It?

  • A parent portal enabling parents and guardians to log in and access information about their child, their child’s learning and the school.
  • A separate eTAP module available to schools using the eTAP student management system.

Our Goal

We believe the most important thing we need to do to maintain and grow our business is to continuously exceed the expectations of our current customers. eTAP users moving to new schools and customer referrals to non-eTAP schools drive our sales.

Therefore, we are dedicated to our customers. Taking every opportunity to make eTAP meet their needs. We listen to customer feedback very carefully, putting customer needs and interests at the centre of everything we do.

Thank you to all eTAP users, you are our inspiration, our passion and our sales team!!

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