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Upgrading to eTAP

Moving to eTAP couldn't be easier.


eTAP - Student Management Software

eTAP is a full-featured student management system for the school office and the classroom.

Schools moving to eTAP find the software much easier to use than their previous system and we receive many comments from users telling us how eTAP has made their work life so much easier.

eTAP has achieved the interoperability requirements recommended by the Ministry of Education – including:

  • Electronic attendance register (eAR) 2011/12
  • Get/Check NSN
  • ENROL – Leaving
  • ENROL – Arriving
  • National Standards: Plain Language Reporting
  • National Standards: Board Reporting
  • SMS/LMS V2
  • Early Notification
  • Student Record Transfer
  • Identity Data Extract

eTAP in the Office

eTAP in the Office

eTAP helps with data entry, prompting for missing/incorrect data

Simple MoE roll return process – error warnings, automatically creates tables

Simple end of year process

On a pupil’s records page; attendance, guidance, assessment information is just a hyperlink away.

Easily email or text caregivers

Record and manage fees and donations

Generate complex pupil lists quickly and effortlessly



eAR (MoE approved) for paperless attendance

Can be used from the school office or in the classroom

Simple, easy to use

Lots of attendance reports (such as automatically generated caregiver letter)


National Standardsclassroom_ns.jpg

Built in reminders for Y1-Y3 National Standards assessment

Enter National Standards assessments from the Leaner Hub

Summary National Standards graphing eg gender and ethnicity

Standardised Tests

Includes all standardised tests available in New Zealand

Comprehensive reports available on each test

View results / reports by many groups (age, ethnicity, gender etc)

School-wide analysis tools.

National Standards assessment and reporting

Curriculum Planning

Complete integration between teacher planning and student assessment

Create learning outcomes for New Zealand (or Maori) curriculum achievement objectives

Automatically create mark books for teachers to assess against unit plans

Assess against learning objectives



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