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Upgrading to eTAP

Moving to eTAP couldn't be easier.


Upgrading to eTAP

Key Reasons to choose eTAP:

  1. eTAP Works – No crashes, no backups, no updates at the school. Works for PC and Mac, at home or at school or anywhere you have access to the internet.
  2. Customer Support – eTAP comes with an inbuilt help system giving your staff quick and efficient access to our helpdesk team. There is no additional charge for using the helpdesk and no telephone charges either if you use the inbuilt web-based system.
  3. Customisation – There are many configuration options available and best of all, just ask the helpdesk to make these for you rather than wading through a huge manual.
  4. Software Development/New Features – We have already created all of the interoperability enhancements recommended by the Ministry of Education (eg Student record transfer, sign-on support). We can therefore concentrate on new developments.
  5. Satisfied customers

Upgrading to eTAP is a very simple process:

  1. The school is assigned an eTAP coach.
  2. A training day is organised between the school and their eTAP coach.
  3. Prior to the training day we will set up an eTAP site for your school. We will help you extract the core student data we need to set up the site.
  4. After your training day you will be up and running using eTAP.
  5. We expect all new schools to make heavy use of the eTAP helpdesk to quickly modify the site to their needs and ask questions/get instructions.
  6. In a very short time you will have mastered eTAP.

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