eTAP | School Management Systems for Primary and Intermediate Schools
eTAP has a strategic partnership with the Ministry of Education to work collaboratively with the Te Rito project . Me tiaki te mana o te tamaiti me tōna whānau.

Why choose eTAP?

eTAP was designed by Kiwis, for Kiwi teachers and educators. eTAP understands that individual schools have unique needs. We empower educators to implement their own pedological vision, allowing flexibility to meet the needs of our diverse NZ schools with a fully customisable system.


  • eTAP gives educators the power to configure live reports to suite their own particular pedagogical vision
  • Education leaders get seamless access to the vital, accurate data needed to make informed decisions
  • eTAP complies with all of the Ministry of Education data transfer initiatives
  • eTAP allows easy transfer of data shared by Principals and Administrators to Boards and the Ministry of Education
  • Planning, learning, assessment and live reporting all in one interface
  • Assessment and Data Analysis made easy
  • Easily create groups
  • Apps for teachers and caregivers
  • Communication for all staff, and bulk messaging to caregivers and whanau


  • eTAP is a complete package. All our clients get immediate access to all features and innovations
  • Our new clients receive comprehensive training given by experienced educators as part of our package, at no extra cost
  • Training given by experienced educators and provided on an on-going basis for all our clients
  • Rapid response online "help desk" which is second to none
  • eTAP works in close consultation with experienced educators and education leaders to give schools the best, most effective system possible, always keeping in mind the varied needs of our diverse country
  • eTAP's safe, secure interface provides a complete platform for enhancing the learning journey of students
  • Gives caregivers a seamless way to be fully involved in that journey with real time notifications and live uploads

BOT Reports


  • PB4L Form
  • Behaviour Form
  • Learning Support
  • Guidance and Pastoral Care
  • Senco Register

Curriculum Reporting

  • Customisable markbooks
  • Set your school's assessment expectations
  • Achievement and progress data analysis
  • Student tracking
  • BOT reporting
  • Parent Reports

The Caregiver App

Easiest way to communicate with your community

Key Features:
  • Newsletter
  • Checking Account Balances
  • Messaging
  • Sharing student reports
  • Submitting absences
  • Live reporting from Spotlight
  • Permission forms
  • School Notices

... ...

The Teacher App

Makes a Teacher's life easier
Use eTAP anywhere

Key Features:
  • School Notices
  • Record guidance reports from any location while on duty
  • Access Sickbay
  • View Student Records
  • Lockdown feature
  • School calendar
  • View Staff Contacts
  • Mark Student's Attendance

... ...

The Learner Hub

One stop, fully customisable interface for teachers and administrators

  • Navigate with ease
  • Inituitive layout
  • Customisable background & avatars
  • Single interface accesses all functions used by teachers

eTAP will design and create fully customised reports which will reflect and enhance your school's pedagogical vision

We meet your needs, whatever vision or special requests you have

Spotlight Learning Space

Teacher's and Student's space for planning and evidence-based assessment

  • Spotlight brings all the elements of formative and summative assessments into one space
  • Spotlight has live reporting to parents/caregivers, using evidence uploaded by the students in accordance with your school's curriculum outcomes
  • Spotlight is included as part of eTAP's comprehensive package at no extra charge