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eTAP has a strategic partnership with the Ministry of Education to work collaboratively with the Te Rito project . Me tiaki te mana o te tamaiti me tōna whānau.
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Teachers have the most important job in the world!

eTAP recognises the vitally important work teachers do for our communities. We also know teachers and educators are busy people. We've designed eTAP as a cloud-based system which meets the demands of busy educators, students, and caregivers. eTAP's platform provides an easy to navigate space which can be accessed anywhere, anytime.

Why choose eTAP?

Features and Benefits

eTAP is the SMS of choice for New Zealand Primary and Intermediate schools. We offer a complete school administration package, teacher planning, evidence based-assessment, live reports, notifications, handy mobile Apps, and more.

What we offer




We offer comprehensive training to all new schools and provide continuous coaching as part of our fully inclusive package. Our coaches include experienced educators and education leaders.



Our customer service and “support desk” is second to none. Our interactive, online support team is highly trained and able to respond quickly and effectively, offering you the most satisfying experience possible using eTAP.

etap Version 2

eTAP is the leader in innovation, offering a fully web-based system since the 1990’s, years before other SMS systems in New Zealand.

We continue to lead in meaningful innovation with an updated streamlined interface designed with your feedback in mind.

eTAP version 2 is a game changer:

  • New, streamlined look
  • Personalised dashboard
  • No extra charge - this premier Version 2 is available with our comprehensive package
  • Ability to use traditional interface or new interface as desired
  • 100% compatible: Version 2 or traditional version can be used with no loss of data
  • Allows users to select a dashboard layout with all the functions they need for that role or task
  • Different dashboards for teaching staff, administrators and principals
  • Easily and fully customisable
  • When options are set or selected, these changes are automatically saved and appear when the user logs-in again
  • Using Version 2 is optional - some users can use Version 2, some can use the traditional version, even in the same school
  • Users can switch between versions at any time
  • There are custom dashboards that can be chosen or designed for the role or task at hand. Switching between these dashboards is done with a single click

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